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The misuse and abuse of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are facilitated by their sale as “research chemicals” (RC) on the internet. Methods: Prospective observational study of the first 12 consecutive working websites from the Google search “Buy Research Chemical Online.” Inventory was taken of single substance RCs weekly from 6 June 2016 to 22 December 2016 and tabulated. Results: During the study period, three RC internet vendors (RCIV) became inactive. There was a mean of 54 RCs per site (range 11–146, SD 33) for a total of 651. The two most common types of RC for sale [Buy Research Chemical  online] were synthetic cathinones (83) and synthetic cannabinoids (82). Least common were LSD analogs (5). A total of 79 new RCs were added to RCIVs, most often synthetic cathinones (25). A total of 41 RCs were no longer sold, most often synthetic cannabinoids (16). Of 302 unique RCs identified, 50 (16.6%) were DEA Schedule I. Of five RCs designated DEA schedule I during the study period, availability did not change after scheduling. Conclusions: A large, varied and dynamic inventory of NPS, some DEA schedule I, are sold on the surface internet under the guise of “RCs.” The number of RCs for sale increased during the study period, showing this mode of drug trade is accelerating and not relegated to the darknet.

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This was an IRB exempt prospective observational study. We identified RC internet vendors (RCIVs) using the Google search term Buy Research Chemical Online, “Research Chemical Buy” performed 1 week prior to the study start date [4]. The first 12 consecutive working psychoactive substance vendor sites were included in the study. Those with a broken URL, closed permanently, for “body building compounds only,” or legitimate chemical laboratory supply companies (i.e. Toronto Chemical, Honeywell) were excluded. Only surface web vendors were included in this study, because these would be the most accessible to the general public and not require the need for additional specialized knowledge or web browsers. In addition, all of the websites inventoried in this study accepted traditional financial transactions, including bank transfers and credit cards, in addition to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

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